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We Will Work With You to Make Sure You are Fully Satisfied With Your Professional Portrait.


We are experienced at capturing a flattering portrait of you that you will then have to treasure forever. Individuals from many different professions, including models, CEOs, writers, doctors, lawyers, and more, have come to our studio for the highest quality headshots. To help get exactly the portrait you are looking for, she will give you ample opportunities to review the images during the shoot. You will go back and forth between shooting and reviewing the images until the perfect lighting, expression, and style come together.

How to Prepare for Your Professional Portrait

Clothing can make a real difference, select 5 tops for your professional portrait. It is important to pick clothing that makes you feel and look good. It is preferable to stay away from logos, branding, turtlenecks, and busy tops. In regard to makeup, I would recommend a natural look that evens your skin tone and enhances your features. You can do your own makeup, or bring your own makeup artist. We also provide makeup artists with recommendations upon request. 

We Offer High-end Retouching for Your Portraits

Our goal is to create a retouching absolutely natural and unnoticeable. Your retouched images will retain skin texture while keeping shading and highlights naturally. We can remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, and dark circles. Furthermore, our expert retoucher is able to minimize double chin and extra weight, as well as whiten teeth or improve hair color. Most of all, Our professional retoucher will strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself.

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